“In essential things – unity, in secondary things – freedom, and in all things charity.”
Russian community of the Churches of Christ in their present form have existed for nearly four decades. But research presented in this book shows that the historical roots of Christ’s Church in Russia go much deeper. Discover these historical roots and what was special about them.

Dennis Podryachikov has brought together a compact and fascinating telling of the story of Stone-Campbell churches in Russia from their earliest appearance to the present. From careful research in historical sources, interviews with current leaders in the churches, and a deep personal connection to the tradition, the author recounts a powerful story of commitment to simple Christianity during difficult times in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union. He indicates connections between those dedicated “Gospel Christians” of the 19th and 20th centuries and the Churches of Christ established in Russia in the 1990s. Podryadchikov ends his study detailing both successes and challenges Churches of Christ in Russia face today and suggesting possible ways forward.