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We cannot completely control either our physical life nor our death. We cannot say with any assurance, “I will not die,” or “I will live for as long I choose.” God, through time, circumstances, and reasons known only to Him, controls the years of our lives. However, God grants each of us the right to choose life or death.

Do you know how to choose life?

Is it possible for us to know the truth about eternal life and eternal death?

Some say, “Life for me is the mountains, the seaside, camping out with family or working in my garden.” Others say, “Life is making money and enjoying all that money will buy.”

Stop and think. Death is coming. You will die. Your children will die and all your friends will die. The silence of the cemetery screams this truth. What is the meaning and purpose of life? Is it only to end in death? Jesus Christ came to earth with a great alternative to death: the gift of eternal life.

Author: Bobby Deason