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1st Corinthians was written to correct serious problems within the church in Corinth. Although every church has problems, there is a right and wrong way to deal with spiritual problems. Following and understanding 1st Corinthians can help a church deal with these problems correctly.

Corinthians deals with 13 distinct problems:

  1. The problem of contentions, quarrels, and divisions (Ch. 1).
  2. The problem of carnal nature and immaturity (Ch. 3).
  3. The problem of taking pride in immorality (Ch. 5).
  4. The problem of taking brethren to court because of covetousness (Ch. 6).
  5. The problem regarding marriage and divorce (Ch. 7).
  6. The problem surrounding liberty in Jesus (Ch. 8).
  7. The problem of idolatry (Ch. 8–10).
  8. The problem of women’s roles and submission (Ch. 11).
  9. The problem of abusing the love feast and the Lord’s Supper (Ch. 11).
  10. The problem of misunderstanding and misusing spiritual gifts (Ch. 12–14).
  11. The problem of the lack of love (Ch. 13).
  12. The problem of questioning the resurrection (Ch. 15).
  13. The problem surrounding the collection of money for the saints (Ch. 16).